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According to an estimation, more than 37% of small businesses have opted for cloud based computing solutions. This technology has provided many opportunities to work in the most comfortable way. Business accounting software has replaced the traditional way of accounting with cloud accounting solutions. It is no surprise  that cloud accounting Read More ...
Gone are those days when small businesses had to keep a hand books record of all the transactions on the daily basis. This tech world has completely changed the world and the way the businesses used to operate. It is extremely crucial to integrate new technologies being innovated for the ease of performing business operations. … Read More ...
Here comes the best year, 2017 to decide your goals and shoot up your clientele list as success in this New Year. There is a lot to be said about cloud accounting and how your business can flourish with it. It is cost-effective for every business; whether small, medium or huge organisations. When people search … Read More ...
Desktop based accounting solutions are almost vanishing from the market. With the advent of cloud-based accounting solutions, even small businesses and proprietors are looking for an affordable accounting solution which can accommodate all their requirements. There are a lot of companies which offer accounting software so at times it becomes Read More ...
We live in a fast-paced and a purely internet driven world. The demand for data access from anywhere, anytime and any device is the imperative factor for every business. One of the biggest buzz in the IT field is “Cloud Computing” and it has brought incredible change in most of the industries. More than 70% … Read More ...
With technology reaching sky heights, the whole business scenario is simplifying the traditional accounting procedures. In fact, the business owners have already chosen the best-fitted accounting software for their ventures. Nevertheless, with too many options available in the market, it is vital to keep in mind the best for the business, Read More ...
Every business owner looks for an affordable accounting solution. While searching for the best accounting software, we look at the time-saving features offered by it and its cost. These products vary in cost and so does the features. Easy Accountax has been developed by experts and it offers best  online cloud computing and accounting Read More ...
If you’re into the business, the first step is to regularly update the income and expenses of it. Wait a moment? Are you thinking about a book and pen to do it? Well, nowadays almost every business has started adopting online ways to record transactions. Not going with those traditional ways of offline book-keeping, the … Read More ...
If you run a business, chances are it has employees. And unless you are very famous, and you will have to pay the employees of their work. There is a whole lot of effort involved in organizing paychecks and making sure that you are contributing the right amount of taxes, pension and other funds and … Read More ...
Accounting does not need an introduction and we all understand the importance of the accounts that need to be maintained. In case you are an entrepreneur and have been facing problems in accounting for your business, then you have not tried the Easy Accountax Services yet. While we strongly recommend it for you to give … Read More ...

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