• How is Easy Accountax useful to me?

    Easy Accountax is cloud accounting software. You and your Accountant can access it anytime from anywhere and from any mobile device as long as you are connected to the Internet. It’s very easy to use. You and your accountant look at the same data (‘one truth’ concept). No more sending spreadsheets or manual bills etc. All this means it saves your time & improves accuracy. Secondly, it provides you vital information on your business performance. Live positions of cash flow, profit and loss, accounts receivable, accounts payable enables your client to take control of your business.

  • How do I work with my Accountant to do all Accounting in Easy Accountax?

    Your accountant will have access to all your transactions in Easy Accountax with the help of super login. You both look at the same data. Send reminders, ask queries and interact with your accountant through the Easy Accountax communication channel as well.

  • Will I have access to all my invoices, bills etc?

    Yes. All your data will be stored on the cloud. This means you have access to all your invoices, bills and historical data at your fingertips. You can scan your bills with your mobile and send it to EasyAccountax so you don’t have to worry about losing your physical bills.

  • I am not VAT registered. Can I still use Easy Accountax?

    Yes of course. Easy Accountax is designed for all types of businesses. Whether you are on flat rate scheme or standard rate scheme or not VAT registered at all, you can use Easy Accountax.

  • Can I file my VAT returns online using Easy Accountax?

    Yes. Our HMRC approved gateway lets you file VAT returns online. You can also consult with your accountant to file VAT returns.

  • Can I customize invoices using my company logo and colour schemes?

    Yes. You can customize your invoices by uploading your company logo and changing the colour schemes. You can find this under ‘Settings’ tab. Professional looking invoices can be created within seconds.

  • How much do I have to pay upfront to join Easy Accountax?

    You do not need to pay any upfront fees or set up fees. We provide one-month free trial. No credit card details are required for the free trial. At the end of your free trial period you can renew your subscription by selecting one of the available packages and pay for the subscription.

  • What are the subscription packages?

    Our service is subscription based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means you pay every month for using the service. We offer couple of subscription packages. You don’t have a lock-in or contract period. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. Please visit our Pricing page to view list of available subscriptions and their fees.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you wish to cancel your subscription and no longer want to use Easy Accountax then log in to your account and go to Manage Company -> Manage Subscription. Click cancel button against the subscription you want to cancel. Once cancelled, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation. Kindly take the backup of your data or export it to a spreadsheet before cancelling the subscription. All data will be deleted from our server 60 days after cancellation or expiry of current subscription package.

  • How does your payment option work?

    We operate two types of payments options – monthly and yearly. You pay less on the yearly option. The monthly or yearly payment is taken in advance. You can pay by cheque, Bank transfer or by credit or debit cards.

  • Do I have to pay extra for payroll module?

    We do not believe in charging extra for any of the Easy Accountax add-on. We champion for small businesses and support them in saving money and growing their business.

  • Will I have to pay extra for customer support?

    You can choose to have phone-based support or email support. Our email-based support is free and you can email us at support@easyaccountax.co.uk. If you have signed up for telephone support you can call us at our provided support contact number.

  • Do you provide training and how much does it cost?

    We will provide you all the training to set up and get going. We also provide training via webinars, training videos and user guides that are free of cost. If additional training were required, you would need to pay for these services. Please visit our training section to learn more about training.

  • How safe is my data?

    Your data is stored in ISO-accredited, ultra-secure UK data centres. Data is backed up regularly and maintained by our experienced network engineers. Regular backups ensure your data is secure and can be retrieved incase anything goes wrong.

    We use SSL connection that means all the communication between your browser and our server is encrypted and secure.

  • Can I export my data out of Easy Accountax?

    Yes of course. When you have logged in to your account there is an option to export your data in ‘Tools’  ‘Options’. You can export all data to a spreadsheet.

  • What will happen to my account data if I stop using EasyAccountax?

    If you are on the free trial and do not subscribe to one of our packages then your data will be held in our system for a maximum of 90 days after your leave. If you are one of our subscribers and decide to leave, your data will be held in our systems for 60 days after you leave. After these time periods all your data will be purged.

  • How to become an Easy Accountax reseller?

    You can become an Easy Accountax reseller. Just click here and fill in the form and one of our sales team members will contact you soon. If you decide to become Easy Accountax reseller then we will give you full training and support along with the incentives.

  • What are the benefits of Easy Accountax?

    Easy Accountax is cloud accounting software. You and your clients can access it anytime from anywhere and from any mobile device as long as you are connected to the Internet. It’s very easy to use. Its customer friendly interface and powerful features like auto-reconciliation and online tax filing makes accounting a cakewalk. You and your clients look at the same data (‘one truth’ concept). All this means it saves your time &improves accuracy thus increasing the efficiency of your practice. Secondly, it provides value to your client by providing vital statistics on the business performance. Live positions of cash flow, profit and loss, accounts receivable, accounts payable enables your client to take control of your business.

  • How is Easy Accountax different from other cloud accounting software available in the market

    Easy Accountax offers price match guarantee. It wants to provide quality cloud accounting software at affordable price to its customers. Easy Accountax does not believe in charging extra for additional modules hence functionality like payroll is included in the price. Easy Accountax provides unbeatable responsive customer service. It provides you while-label solutions at no extra cost which means you can project it as your own brand and increase your brand value. Easy Accountax will also customise the software as per your needs providing you additional functionality important to you

  • What is the pricing model?

    You only pay for subscriptions based on the number of client you have. Our subscription rates are discounted for partner Accountants. There are no extra or hidden charges.

  • How easy is it to move my existing clients and accountants into Easy Accountax?

    Porting your existing data and clients into Easy Accountax is very easy. We have tools to migrate your existing data and clients over to Easy Accountax. Trial balances, customers, unpaid invoices and bills can be migrated with a few steps using our tool whenever you require.

  • Does Easy Accountax provide lock periods? What kinds of locks are provided?

    Yes. Easy Accountax does provide locking facility for Accountants. Accountants can specify dates between which clients cannot enter transactions. There is functionality for locking the VAT period as well. Clients will not be able to modify the VAT type between certain periods.

  • Does Easy Accountax make provision for all VAT rates?

    Yes. Easy Accountax has flat rate, standard, zero VAT rate scheme support

  • Can I set different access permissions for my staff?

    Yes. You can set up different permissions for your staff which means you get control over the functionality visible to your employees.

  • Do you provide training to my employees?

    Yes. Easy Accountax will provide all the necessary training and support at the start to get you going with your practice.

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